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CNBC’s Joe Kernen anchors Squawk Box on CNBC every morning and seems like a nice guy.

But he said this morning on his show that he connected Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Swift, with AMC Movie Theaters which resulted in the deal that brought AMC Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie.

Kernen tells Puck’s Matt Belloni that he first tried to introduce Scott Swift to Universal Pictures. whose parent company owns CNBC, but that didn’t work out. Kernen says he’s known both Scott Swift and AMC’s Adam Aron for ten years each.

For AMC, the result is their stock — which fell off a cliff this summer — stabilized and rose in price. The Eras Tour movie is looking at a $100 million opening weekend on October 13th. Kernen says he’s not getting a commission or kickback, but he did make AMC stockholders — the people he speaks to on TV every day — richer.

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