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All day long — well all the time — Twitter accounts have been begging Elon Musk to take antisemitic accounts from the platform.

He doesn’t do it.

Musk says he won’t tolerate antisemitism but TwitterX whatever is filled with them. Musk claims the Anti-Defamation League is causing advertisers to not spent money on the platform. therefore putting him in financial peril.

He suggests that his new solution is not to remove the offending accounts but to sue the ADL for defamation. He’s blaming the Jews for boycotting ad spends on Twitter X — openly now.

To make a case against the ADL. Musk is retweeting or reposting articles critical of the group from Jewish publications like Tablet.com. He’s also basically calling Mark Zuckerberg a coward for “caving” into Stop Hate groups– using an article from Politico. Musk posted: “The Facebook caved to far left pressure groups and now allows them to silently dictate policy in exchange for ad money”

I don’t think this will convince anyone that such a lawsuit would be a wise idea.
On the other hand, how will this affect Tesla stock? Does he care? And what about more defections from TwitterX? So many people of importance have left. Musk seems not to notice.

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