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Alec Baldwin is leaving the Hamptons.

On Friday morning, the NY Post reported that Baldwin has listed his Amagansett estate for $29 million. He bought it in 1995 when he was married to Kim Basinger.

Baldwin is protecting his assets from potential judgments in the “Rust” shooting scandal. Baldwin’s participation in the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins means he could be liable for millions.

The actor knows what he’s doing. He’s purchased a 55 acre spread in Vermont, as I wrote earlier this year, for a very good reason. Vermont is a homestead state. (A homestead state protects residents from civil judgments.) If he’s hit with big judgements, the Vermont farm is safe from being taken away. The 10 acre Hamptons layout would be the first thing lawyers would go for.

What a terrible turn of events. Of course, Hutchins’ death is awful. But Baldwin never intended to kill anyone. Being forced out of the Hamptons is sad on many levels. For one thing, before Baldwin met and married “Hilaria” and had six kids, he’d become a local philanthropist. He’s donated a lot of money to various East Hamptons art institutions including the Hamptons Film Festival. I’ve no doubt that coming from a working class family in Massapequa, Long Island, and making it on his own, Amagansett was the ultimate sign of success.

Earlier this year, Baldwin unloaded another home in upstate New York. All he has left is his massive apartment in Greenwich Village, said to be worth $16 million. That will undoubtedly go next. The Baldwins will seek safe financial harbor in Vermont, where they can make pickles and jam without interference.

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