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You may recall last November Kevin Spacey was ordered to pay the producer of “House of Cards” $31 million.

I wrote about it here.

Today, a judge in LA Superior Court reaffirmed the judgement. Kevin has to pay up, the same amount OJ Simpson was ordered to pay Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman’s families back in 1996.

The irony here is that Spacey must pay MRC, the production company owned by Todd Boehly, formerly of Guggenheim Partners. He is very rich, Todd Boehly. He owns a lot of things including Dick Clark Productions and the Golden Globes. He’s partners in The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard.  He has 20% of the Los Angeles Dodgers. And now he has Kevin Spacey.

This is all because Spacey’s career fell apart from accusations of sexual malfeasance before starting the final season of “House of Cards.” The show had to be rewritten, he missed the season, and the court ruled MRC suffered because of it.

Does Kevin Spacey have $31 million? Boehly is as likely to see that money as the Goldmans and Brown are to get something from Simpson.

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