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Mick Jagger may have mixed emotions about the auction winner of his NFT for charity.

Brock Pierce, a self proclaimed block chain entrepreneur with a checkered past, paid $50,000 for an animated video accompanied by a loop of music from Mick’s new single, “Easy Sleazy.” The money goes to Music Venue Trust, a UK registered charity which acts to protect, secure and improve grassroots music venues, Back-up, which provides financial support to entertainment technology industry professionals who are seriously ill or injured or to their surviving family members, and National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), an organization working to preserve and nurture the ecosystem of independent live performance venues and promoters throughout the United States. A portion of proceeds will also be going to environmental causes.

“Easy Sleazy” is the new single released this week by Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl. The title may have appealed to Pierce, who was involved in some questionable activities of his own years ago. The last time I wrote about him his representative threatened to sue me. But Pierce’s activities were well d0cumented in the press and not just by me going back more than two decades.

You can read the whole thing here.

Since then, Pierce — who was a child actor in “The Mighty Ducks” — has become very involved in the bitcoin/blockchain world. He also declared a presidential campaign last year. I’m not sure exactly what he gets for $50,000 since the Jagger video art can easily be downloaded from Jagger’s website into anyone’s computer. But that’s my overall question about the NFT market, frankly. Pierce, who loves publicity, gets more out of this. So I guess it was worth it.

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