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Samantha Geimer is almost 58 years old, has been happily married with a family for a long time. She was revealed in the early 2000s has having been the 13 year old girl with whom Roman Polanski had sex in 1977. He was arrested, spent a short time in jail, and fled the country, never to return.

Geimer has forgiven him over the years, and advocated for an end to his legal woes in the U.S. She’s written a book about it, and been quite eloquent in her explanations and observations of this “scandal.”

Geimer is angry, though, that she’s been lumped in with Dylan Farrow as a “victim” buy Mia Farrow and the filmmakers of “Allen v. Farrow.” She posted to Twitter on Monday Night:

“I’m upset that apparently the Farrow family decided to use a clip of me, without my permission in their film. I hear it clearly does NOT represent my feelings. Sad how so many “victims” will abuse another if they see some benefit to themselves, even a family member in some cases.” She added: “So I found the clip, me saying it was not consensual, along with Tarantino saying he believed Roman. One guilty plea and 2 apologies later, who wants to portray me as harmed, and famous men as impossible to convict. What a load of horse shit.”

On Sunday while the final episode of HBO’s “Allen v. Farrow” was airing, Geimer posted: “I’m glad when my mother believed I was sexually assaulted at 13, she asked me once, “was it true” & then called the police on the spot. She didn’t first videotape me over a series of days for proof. Worked out much better for our family that way, and that is one low f*cking bar.”

Farrow, as shown in the mini-series, did what Geimer described to 7 year old Dylan, coaching and rehearsing her on video tape about Woody Allen.

Ironically, Farrow — who has accused Allen of child molestation — defends Polanski, an old friend, and even testified for him in a libel trial in 2005.

Geimer wrote an insightful piece on her blog back in 2014 which is worth reading anew. Here is the link.

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