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It’s a tough world out there, unless you’re related to Ryan Seacrest.

The “American Idol” host has a 501 c3 non profit foundation that I’ve written about before. The mission is to put radio and recording studios into children’s hospitals.

There are two main staff members working for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation: Ryan’s sister Meredith and father Gary.

According to the foundation’s Form 990 tax filing for 2019, Meredith got a raise to $259,333 to $6,157 in benefits. Meredith is the foundation’s CEO.

Dad Gary, an attorney, was raised to $96,000 for legal services.

These two have a lot to do. They gave away 10 donations of $10,000 each to children’s hospitals, similar to what they’ve done every year.

Celebrity foundations are great ways to give money to your relatives tax free. Seacrest, who’s loaded from “Idol,” his radio show, and producing the Kardashians TV shows, couldn’t be expected to give his relatives taxable gifts. This is so much smarter!

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