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I don’t say enough about the Quarantunes fundraising Zoom calls going on for the last year. They are amazing.  Hundreds of people donate and participate every week. Mind blowing!

This Sunday, super agent Richard Weitz and his 17 year old daughter, Demi, will pass the $20 million mark with another fundraiser. This is for Heartbeats, and you can donate here.

Heartbeats is a group of socially responsible 9th through 12th graders that work to bring early awareness to teens about issues surrounding child abuse and family violence.

Richard and Demi, along with plenty of people who comprise their ‘village’– as in ‘it takes a village’– have done incredible work for the last year. They’ve raised $19.8 million for a variety of charities including MusiCares and Project AngelFood, all in service of helping people during the pandemic. They deserve some kind of Purple Heart or Medal of Freedom.

That they’re hitting that $20 million mark is quite a substantial achievement. By contrast, what have we done besides bake bread and binge watch Netflix?

Join the group this Sunday. Tape Oprah’s royal special, and put the Critics Choice Awards on the background. You won’t regret it. The celebs, especially the musical guests, who show up on Quarantunes are always shockingly outstanding! (They never tell you in advance who’s going to be on, but I’m never disappointed!)

PS Shout outs to record producer and music man Kerry Brown, husband of Stacy Sher– she’s co-producing the Oscars next month– and SiriusXM’s Tracey Jordan. They’re the Weitzes secret weapons, plus Clive Davis, Jimmy Jam Harris, and Sherry Lansing, whose face on the Zooms always gives me a smile!

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