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EXCLUSIVE Robert Weide is best known as the award winning director of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” But he’s also been a staunch supporter of Woody Allen, defending him in blogs and posts for the last few years.

Now Weide is challenging the veracity of HBO’s doc “Allen v.Farrow” and directors Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering. He says Dylan’s 2014 claim that there was an electric train set in the crawl space in 1992 is incorrect. Moses Farrow said there was no train set. The Farrow side says there was. Using court transcripts, Weide has debunked the train. It’s a big deal.


He writes from @BobWeide:

An open Tweet thread for #AmyHerdy, #AmyZiering, #KirbyDick, @JaneDoeFilms & @HBODocs.

Someone sent me a clip of your big “Gotcha” moment from Episode 4 where you try to discredit @MosesFarrow’s claim that there was no functioning electric train set in the crawl space described in such detail by @RealDylanFarrow in her 2014 piece in @NickKristof’s @NYTimes column. Your supposed “checkmate” move presents a diagram of this space from the police report, showing a circle with the words “Toy Train Track.” *Cue ominous music.*

Now, I have a complete copy of the court transcripts, as I presume you do, since you named your film after this case. So I know exactly what’s behind your little hat trick. There are two possibilities: Either you are really half-assed researchers… or you are inherently manipulative and dishonest. Pick one. Maybe both. The question is, do you want me to reveal this information publicly, or do you want to do it? Personally, I think it would be better for you to reveal what you’ve done, rather than have me do so. Then we can move onto all the other falsehoods you’ve jammed into your 4-hour hatchet job that I can disprove without even breaking a sweat. But let’s start with the electric train set. Your move.

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