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Chris Harrison is stepping away from The Bachelor on ABC. Now.

He announced it an hour ago on Instagram, admitting that he invoked “historical racism” when his interview on Extra with Rachel Lindsay went sideways.

Late yesterday Lindsay said when her contract was up with The Bachelor she was leaving.

Remember, “The Bachelor” that we’re seeing on the air was taped six weeks ago. So in real time, Harrison is not proceeding with live shows like “After the Rose,” coming up next week.To get the back story here, click on my story from yesterday. I would say Harrison’s goose is cooked, but look, Nick Cannon is back doing his thing. And Morgan Wallen’s fans haven’t cared about his scandal. So maybe Harrison will ride and come back in the next season. Anything is possible. I used to say “The Bachelor” and its ancillaries was just junk, the people weren’t very bright, and thought the undoing of it would be the contestants. But look how it’s opened this dialogue. If Harrison, the host, thought that plantation sorority parties were alright in 2018, imagine what the general public thinks. We haven’t made a lot of progress.


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