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Country singer Morgan Wallen may have really shown us a referendum on stupidity and ignorance.

After being exposed by TMZ in a video using the “N word,” Wallen saw sales of his music rise dramatically. To his fans, it was just a tempest in a teapot.

Wallen has 20 of the top 100 singles on the iTunes charts. A fifth of the chart!

“Dangerous: The Double Album” rose 16% according to hitsdailydouble.com. The album sold 152,596, with the bulk of that — 120,493 — in streaming.

Wallen’s “If I Know Me” rose 34%, selling 21,868 copies, again most of it streaming.

The streaming part is important because it’s easy and cheap, part of a subscription, doesn’t require much effort and can be done over and over.

Wallen’s fans not only didn’t care about the N word controversy, they seem to have applauded it.

Morgan’s all white record company, Big Loud, said they “suspended” him, whatever that means. They certainly accepted the money from those sales this week.

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