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America loves a good old boy.

Morgan Wallen, who’s being “shunned” and “punished” for being caught using the N word, is really suffering.

This afternoon has four of the top five albums on the iTunes chart. People have really rejected him!

How is this happening? Are his fans just ordering and ordering?

And what of Big Loud Records? I’m curious how their suspension of his contract is going. So far, so good, I’d say. Maybe later today he’ll have all of the top 5.

Big Loud’s website is worth checking out, by the way. All but one of their employees is white. Yee-hah! That could be the reason he’s indifferent to using the N word. He’s living in a bubble.  On their website they feature 21 smiling faces, all but one is Caucasian. The very last guy on the page, bottom right, appears to be non white. Whew!



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