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Shia La Beouf can’t catch a break. He’s been sued today by an ex girlfriend, singer FKA Twigs — real name Tahliah Barnett — for abuse and harassment. A former girlfriend has chimed in in interviews, and Shia has had to issue a mea culpa kind of apology.

The timing couldn’t be worse. Yesterday a new Indiana Jones movie was announced, the fifth and last in the series. LaBeouf co-starred with Harrison Ford and Karen Allen in the fourth movie. “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” several years ago. His character, Mutt, was hinted at as being the son of Indiana Jones and Marion, but it was left as an unanswered question. With this latest revelation, it really seals the deal that Mutt will not join the Jones lineage.

LaBeouf has been plagued by substance abuse issues and mental illness but always still admired as a talented actor. The autobiographical movie he wrote and starred in last year, “Honey Boy,” won him accolades and respect. This came after a string of incidents. But a current appearance in the movie “Pieces of a Woman” also helped to put bad news behind him. Today’s announcement — he’s innocent til proven guilty — would certainly cinch no return to Indiana Jones and puts his career in jeopardy once again.

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