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Told you in May that Mario Lopez was on his way to Access Hollywood.

I told you in February that “Extra” was being retooled as a Fox propaganda show.

This is what’s happening: Fox TV, owned by the Murdochs, is taking over “Extra” and renaming it “Extra! Extra!” The Murdochs hired Billy Bush as host, out of work since the “grab the p**sy” incident and the “Access Hollywood” tape. This was Donald Trump making sure Billy was taken care of. It’s called payback. Billy never turned against Trump after losing his “Today” show gig. He lost his marriage, but hey, that can be remedied.

Mario Lopez heads over to “Access Hollywood,” where he’ll  be a hit with Kit Hoover, my old pal from Fox News. They will make a great team, and Mario is made whole on a bad deal. Also, he’s very good at his job, nice as pie, and will drive “AH” ratings.

“Extra! Extra!” hired Trump lackey Sean Spicer earlier this year to do puff pieces on hideous subjects like Kellyanne Conway. There will be more of that starting in the fall as Trump is aided and abetted by Fox. Now we’ll have to watch and see if “Extra! Extra! becomes “A Current Affair” or some other Fox tripe shilling for Trump. Let the games begin!

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