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The syndicated TV land will look a lot different in the fall.

“Extra” will get away from just Hollywood coverage now that it’s owned by Fox TV. Reports today don’t seem to understand the significance of Billy Bush finally getting a job after his “p-ssy grabbing” scandal with Donald Trump. Trump has basically rescued him and placed him with “Extra” now that Rupert Murdoch has bought it from NBC.

“Extra” has already started moving in the Trump-Fox direction by hiring former Trump mouthpiece Sean “Spicey” Spicer as a guest correspondent. Spicer’s first job was to do puff pieces on Trump administration officials.

Having lost the National Enquirer as his attack dog, Trump will need a foothold somewhere in the press to spread lies and act as his own Pravda. Billy Bush will carry out that message.

Meanwhile, effervescent and hard working Mario Lopez will jump to “Access Hollywood,” I hope (and it’s been bandied about) replacing Natalie Morales.

Once celebrities and the studios wake up and realize what’s happened to “Extra,” and where it’s headed, it will be interesting to see if the show can get access, or if they even want it.

Stay tuned…


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