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Crime pays, after all.

Lance Armstrong, who’s shown no contrition for cheating, lying, and doping his way to seven Tour de France wins, is back. This is after he was stripped of those seven wins for obtaining them fraudulently.

Architectural Digest is featuring his 6,000 square foot home in Colorado that he shares with his fiancee, who’s also the mother of his two most recent children.

How does he even have a 6,000 square foot house, or a pot to piss in? A year ago, Armstrong settled $5 million with the US government right before a trial that could have cost him $100 million. In 2015 he was ordered to pay $10 million in restitution to his former management company.

This is hysterical. Subway sandwich’s Jared Fogle will be next, I guess. There is no such thing as shame.

AD just pretends nothing ever happened, and the article talks about Armstrong’s art collection, his interior designer, his artist friends, and so on. He says Ed Ruscha is his friend. If so, Ed is an idiot. Robin Williams, who was Armstrong’s friend, was betrayed by Armstrong and told me so. No one can be his friend.

Here’s the quote where I burst out laughing: Armstrong’s love of art goes back decades, to when he was spending half the year racing in Europe. “I used my time [there] as kind of an education in culture and art,” he says.

No, he spent the time in Europe organizing a doping ring so he could win the Tour de France fraudulently.

Wait, you can tour his art collection! Are these people insane? Are there no editors at Conde Nast?

Let’s just over what happened again: Armstrong won 7 Tour de France titles. He was plagued the entire time by rumors of doping. Here’s the entire history of his doping on Wikipedia.

He finally admitted it all to Oprah Winfrey in a 2013 interview. Now, AD acts as if it never happened. This must the Trump effect. A blatant thief shows his bounty off to the public, and brags about it. Armstrong, as you know, is banned from racing. But somehow, like a cockroach, he survives.

Here’s the full confession:

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