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A grand jury in New York City has indicted former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein on two counts of rape and one charge of a criminal sex act.

US District Attorney Cy Vance says it brings Weinstein “another step closer to accountability.” Earlier in the day, Weinstein’s lawyer Ben Brafman said his client would not testify before the grand jury. The testimony of the alleged victims was enough to bring the indictment.

Those hoping for a “trial of the century” will be disappointed. It’s unlikely that Weinstein would put his children or himself through a length, contentious trial. Some kind of plea bargain is expected.

The downfall of Harvey Weinstein is like a Greek tragedy. He had everything in the world.  The movies he produced or distributed reaped around 65 Oscars– the largest number for a single studio. The films were of the highest quality.

But the hubris, and the insular stance that led to abuse of power was stunning. He became emblematic for women who would no longer be victims, around the world.

There will be more.


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