Home Celebrity Exclusive: Harvey Weinstein Lawyers Will Move for Dismissal, House Arrest in Arizona

Sources tell me Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers will make two motions this morning.

One will be to dismiss the charges against him on constitutional grounds. There may be an issue of statute of limitations.

Weinstein will also ask to remain at his treatment center in Arizona. Right now his house arrest confines him to New York and Connecticut.

This morning Weinstein surrendered in New York and was arrested and arraigned on one count of sexual abuse and one count of rape. The abuse charge was filed by Lucia Evans, who claims that in 2004 Weinstein forced her to into oral sex. The rape charge victim is unidentified.

Weinstein arrived at the courthouse at 100 Centre St. with three books including a biography of Rodgers and Hammerstein, and one of Elia Kazan. He attempted a faint smile on the way in, but later on TV his face was ashen.

He will wear an anchor monitor wherever he stays until his trial, which is monitored 24/7. He posted $1 million bond on $10 million bail, and turned over his passport.




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