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Jamie Foxx can act, he can sing, and he can dance. There’s pretty much nothing he can’t do. So now?

I’m told that Foxx will direct his first feature from a script he’s been working for some time. “All Star Weekend” was a rumored project four years ago with Foxx as the lead actor. But now he’s decided to make it his directorial debut.

Four years ago, “All Star Weekend” was about two basketball superfans– one supported LeBron James and the other Kobe Bryant. Well, times have changed. In the updated version, Bryant is still on board but Steph Curry may be involved. Presumably the players will make appearances in the film.

Still undetermined is who will play Foxx’s frenemy fan. Offers are out. Plus, you can bet Jamie will have written the theme song for the film, and maybe even sing it. A soundtrack is planned for Epic Records.

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