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Adele is Sony’s biggest music artist of the moment. She’s sold 9 million copies of her “25” album with no sign of slowing down.

And now Adele has endorsed Kesha, the artist who is suing Sony in what is becoming every day a bigger and bigger headache for the record label.

Adele joins Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato and two dozen more recording artists who have come to Kesha’s aide since she broke down sobbing in court last week over her Sony contract. Kesha wants to break the contract because she says her producer, Dr. Luke, raped and terrorized her for years. She is utterly believable.

Whatever the truth, Sony should really let her out as soon as possible. What pop star would want to leave a 6 album contract with one of the top 3 recording companies unless something was very wrong. Kesha knows that neither Universal nor Warner will sign her after this. She’ll become an indie act. She doesn’t care. But she doesn’t want to record under these circumstances.

Sony had better act fast. On Sunday Adele and Lady Gaga are each appearing on the Oscars. And they are going to be vocal about Kesha– particularly Lady Gaga.

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