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The trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master” is out–you can see it in our video play at the bottom of the home page. It’s loosely based on the storyof how L. Ron Hubbard started Scientology. And the world “cult” is used in the trailer to describe the group that Lancaster Dodd, the Hubbard character, starts. The movie seems to be about a drifter played by Joaquin Phoenix who inspires Dodd but then turns on him. It appears that he has to be eliminated in order for Dodd’s work to go on. Anderson showed a rough cut of the film to Tom Cruise last spring as a courtesy–Cruise appeared in Anderson’s “Magnolia” years ago. Cruise, I was told, wasn’t thrilled with the film. Apparently Anderson has simply persevered. Given the revelations this summer about Cruise and Scientology, “The Master” is set to start a firestorm this fall.

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Read more about Scientology, too, by Tony Ortega, who does a great job in the Village Voice: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2012/07/scientology_alexander_jentzsch_stan_gerson.php?ref=trending

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