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Mary Wilson, legendary star of the Supremes, narrowly missed the Russian airport bombing on Monday.

Mary and her group were arriving in Russia on Monday just as Domodedovo Airport was bombed by terrorists. Thirty five people were killed.

“We were shaking in our boots,” Mary told me over the phone today from Krasnodar, near the Black Sea. She’s on tour for the US Embassy in Moscow via the Humpty Dumpty Institute, playing sold out shows and lecturing on the intersection of Morown and the US Civil Right Movement to sold out crowds. The boots she’s shaking in are pretty warm, too, considering it’s well below zero.

“Our plane landed at a different airport,” Mary told me, “and we had to take the train into Moscow. It was then that we heard about the bombing. We’re so upset for the families.”

Wilson frequently tours the world for the UN as an ambassador. She also tours a collection of her gowns from the Motown era; the exhibition is following her around Russia, heading to the Ukraine next. It would be a perfect installation at the Metropolitan Museum of New York’s Costume Institute.

Next Mary and her band head to Moscow for a series of dates.

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  1. Micheal Onel..Please put the crack pipe down. Mary will NEVER eclispe Diana..same as Kelly will NEVER eclispe Beyonce. Your either drunk or smoking crack.

  2. Yes indeed, That Mary Wilson is a real Superstar!, I rushed out to get her “Greatest hits” CD, But was so shocked to Discover She didn’t have any!

    Oooh, Baby, Baby, So sad!

  3. Comment about Diana was funny! Seriously though, I bet she sits around a lot and wonders “How did I get eclipsed by Mary”? If theirs is not the truest life example of the metaphor about the Tortoise and the Hare, then one doesn’t exist.

  4. Roger, Will you mention Gladys Horton’s death. I didn’t know her story until today’s news of her death. How the Marvelettes name was sold and she wasn’t able to take care of her family. Sad.

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