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Bill Cunningham is a slight, retiring soul who travels around Manhattan on a bike taking pictures for the New York Times. No one knows much about him. Maybe he’s 70. Last night at a screening of Richard Presse’s documentary, “Bill Cunningham New York,” Bill took pictures, stayed behind his camera, and then left. He didn’t remain for his own premiere at MoMA’s New Directors, New Films  series. Anna Wintour was there, as were designer Rachel Roy and two time Oscar nominee Sylvia Miles. But Bill bolted. Maybe pictures from the party will wind up in the Styles section this weekend. Maybe not….

…Just before the Tribeca Film Festival, many of our pals are headed south to the Sarasota Film Festival on April 14th. And I do mean many, including Patricia Clarkson, Ben Foster, Steve Buscemi and Stanley Tucci — many of whom will participate in a staged reading of William S. Burroughs‘ “Queer” from a new script by Oren Moverman (“The Messenger”). The festival opens with Kevin Kline and Paul Dano in “The Extra Man,” and closes with James Franco’s documentary about John Malkovich hosting “Saturday Night Live.” Franco continues to astound and amaze as the eclectic warrior of his generation…www.sarasotafilmfestival.com

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