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Exclusive? Not- since The Weinstein Company issued a press release this morning. But here’s the story about Ben Affleck’s new film going to The Weinstein Company.

On February 26th, I wrote that “The Company Men,” John Wells’s film starring Ben Affleck, would likely go to TWC.

And so it has.

This deal reunites Ben Affleck with Harvey Weinstein, which is a nice thing since Ben’s watershed moment in life came with “Good Will Hunting” in 1996. Affleck’s work in “Company Men” as a laid off middle manager living well beyond his means is excellent. There are also award worthy performances by Kevin Costner and Chris Cooper. But the real treat here is a Best Supporting Actor turn by Tommy Lee Jones. Don’t forget I told you this when all the hub bub begins next fall.

With “The Company Men,” Affleck should have quite a busy autumn season. He also directed and stars in “The Town,” which Warner’s will release in September. “The Town” also features Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, and Rebecca Hall. Early word is that it’s very good, that Affleck’s second directorial job–his first was “Gone Baby Gone”– is terrific. It looks like Toronto could be his Town if both pictures wind up at that festival. “Company Men” is no summer release, that’s for sure. It’s a smart movie about real life.

The Weinstein Company will be back in the Oscar business again for 2011, that’s for sure. Their big entry will be “The King’s Speech” with Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. They also have “Nowhere Boy” and “Blue Valentine.” The latter stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams in Oscar performances. And there’s also “The Pat Tillman Story,” the hot documentary from Sundance.

Now: if they could just get the Miramax name back, all would be rosy.

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