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Oprah’s leaving, so is Tyra. Martha Stewart is heading to the Hallmark Channel. Even my hero, Regis, is cutting back his work schedule.

What will happen to daytime TV? With soap operas on the wane, the day cannot consist solely of game shows and “reality.”

Enter Rosie.

As this column reported exclusively on Friday, Rosie O’Donnell is back. She’s lured former Warner syndication star Dick Robertson out of retirement, and he’s reunited with old partner Scott Carlin. Their new company will produce a new show for Rosie beginning in the fall of 2011.

There’s still no format decided on, but rest easy, kids: Rosie is not bringing FM radio to Television. Her show will more than likely be close to her old format, with lots of laughs and music. Certainly a component of it will reflect Rosie’s amazing charitable work. But that will be just the way Oprah does it, and the way Rosie herself handled it during her former and wildly successful show of years past.

What we won’t have: the shrill Rosie of “The View.” O’Donnell will be back in control, and not have to deal with political debates and backstabbing by co-hosts.

Knowing Rosie, if we’re all here in September 2011, her first guest will be Barbara Walters. Remember, I said it here first.

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