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I do hate to say I told you so (no I don’t hate it at all) but Adele will perform “Skyfall” on the Oscars. I told you she would just appear and wave on the Globes, which she did. This will be her first performance of “Skyfall” anywhere, and you know she’s going to win the Oscar for Best Song. This column was first to confirm Adele as the singer of the “Skyfall” song, and then I exclusively gave you the lyrics and a review of the song before it was released.






PS Adele will pre-record “Skyfall” with the Oscar orchestra. The backing track will be available to her and the producers in case something goes wrong. This is ALWAYS done for live TV shows, as it was done for Beyonce at the Inauguration. If something goes wrong, the TV producers have the option of using the pre-recorded track. This is not lipsynching. Just FYI.

From the Academy: – Multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter Adele will perform the Oscar®-nominated theme song from the latest James Bond movie at the 85th Academy Awards®, the show’s producers announced today.  “Skyfall,” from the film of the same name, was announced as a nominee for Original Song at the Academy’s Nominations Announcement on January 10.   The song, written by Adele and Paul Epworth, is the first Bond theme ever to debut in Billboard’s Top 10 and the first to be nominated for an Oscar since “For Your Eyes Only” in 1981.

Adele’s exclusive Oscar show performance will be the first time she will have performed “Skyfall” anywhere live and will also mark her first U.S. television performance since the Grammys® last year.

“It’s an honour to be nominated and terrifyingly wonderful to be singing in front of people who have captured my imagination over and over again,” said Adele. “It’s something I’ve never experienced and probably only ever will once!”

“We have enormous respect for Adele’s unique artistry as a songwriter and a singer,” said Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, the producers of this year’s Academy Awards show.  “She is currently one of the most successful recording artists in the world, and we believe that her performance of ‘Skyfall’ will be an exciting Oscar moment for audiences watching at the Dolby Theatre™ and on television screens around the world.”


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  1. Also another question. I noticed you said 23. Why not 24? Most people assumed its going to be called 24 since shes 24 right now and that shes starting to make it now. Right?

  2. I think that she’s in LA talking to producers etc. Sony is anxious to get “23” going, but it may take some time. I think Adele should do an album of great cover songs. But she hasn’t asked for my opinion!

  3. To Roger Friedman (if you ever read this),

    I know you were the first person to leak word on Adele doing Skyfall and I was wondering if there is any word if she has begun work on her next album :). Thanks if you can answer.

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