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Donald Trump is back on the attack against his judge and prosecutor in New York.

On social media, Trump is in hyper drive after a very stupid jurist in the NY appeals court named David Friedman (who I am absolutely not related to) temporarily lifted New York Judge Arthur Engoron’s gag order against Trump. He says the order violates Trump’s First Amendment right to terrorize and castigate anyone in the judicial system.

Trump immediately wrote on his Truth Social: “Trump Hating, Radical Left Judge, Arthur Engoron, is, sadly, the most overturned Judge in New York State. He was just stayed on his Gag Order, which Unconstitutionally prohibited me & my attorneys from talking about important elements of a Fraud case where it was he & Letitia James that committed the Fraud by knowingly, substantially, & outrageously devaluing my asset values in order to make me look guilty of something which I did not do. In actuality, witnesses & experts have proven conclusively that my Financial Statements Value is LOW, or very Conservative, not HIGH, as they were claiming. A.G. James & Engoron worked in COLLUSION to make some assets many times lower in Value than they are. By doing this, they ridiculously & wrongfully, without Knowledge, Trial, or Jury (which is not allowed in this case!), ruled that I was guilty of FRAUD. This HOAX is a public relations disaster for New York State. Violent Crime is raging, and companies are FLEEING, never to be seen in N.Y. again!”

Here’s the full AP story.

One interesting note about Truth Social. This morning it’s flooded with anti-Trump comments that haven’t yet been unpublished by whatever editors work there. (If there are any.)

Trump doesn’t seem to understand the New York case at all. He can whine and kick dirt all he wants but the case is already lost. Engoron has revoked his right to do business in New York. The Trump Organization is dead. It’s over. All that’s left are appeals, of course. But Engoron isn’t stupid. All that remains is a finding of how much money Trump must pay New York for intentionally overvaluing his assets.

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