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Somewhere, lost in space, is the Nick Jonas version of “Jersey Boys.”

Back in July 2021, I wrote about the stealth filming of a TV version of “Jersey Boys” at a Cleveland theater. It was directed by Des McAnuff, who brought it to life on Broadway for a decade. Jonas was playing Frankie Valli. Three time Tony nominee Andy Karl (Rocky, Pretty Woman, Groundhog Day) — also known for “Law & Order SVU” — plays Four Seasons’ Tommy Devito.

At the time, Peacock was planning to show it, as “Jersey Boys” was a Universal Pictures and theater production. The movie, directed by Clint Eastwood, came out in 2014 and wasn’t met with much enthusiasm. This “Jersey Boys Live!” was supposed to supplant it.

So where is it? I’m told “it’s still being edited.” Also, it may not be a Peacock release, as sources say it may still be offered for distribution.

Nick Jonas, meanwhile, couldn’t be hotter. The Jonas Brothers, despite having trouble selling records, have played to packed arenas including Yankee Stadium this summer. So it’s time for “Jersey Boys Live!” It would be a welcome distraction right now.!

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