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Much as we love Clint Eastwood, his film version of “Jersey Boys” was not a success.

Ever since its disappointing run in 2014, the whole “Jersey Boys” gang has wanted a re-do. A do-over. And now they’re getting one.

“Jersey Boys,” the Tony winning musical about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons , is very quietly in production in Cleveland. The original Broadway director, Des McAnuff, is getting his shot. Nick Jonas is playing Frankie Valli. Graham King, who produced the show on Broadway, is producer.

As “Jersey Boys” was a Universal Production on Broadway and on screen, NBC’s streaming Peacock will be the venue. Peacock just announced a $400 million TV version of “The Exorcist,” bringing back Ellen Burstyn (but not Linda Blair). So they’re spreading colorful wings, opening up the piggy bank to try and compete with Disney Plus and the like.

For McAnuff, this will be a chance to reclaim “Jersey Boys” gold with Emmys and SAG Awards, if not Golden Globes (well, not GG’s if the streamer rolls this November). Peacock sees this as a chance to grab that Disney “Hamilton” glitz that came with the streaming from a theater version of that Tony winner.

Nick Jonas will make a great Frankie Valli, by the way. He has the chops to pull it off.


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