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Viva Jane Fonda!

The tireless climate activist (and Oscar and Emmy winner, Tony nominee, and God knows what else) is celebrating, and rightly so.

Fonda’s Political Action Committee saw almost all of their endorsed candidates for Virginia’s state legislature won. The number is a whopping 13 out of 14.

As the actress notes on her website:

“That means that Democrats held the Senate flipped the House and won control of the State General Assembly. Take that Gov. Youngkin! We also supported winning candidates for School Board and Board of Supervisors in Fairfax County, Virginia!”

Fonda adds: “Our candidate for Minneapolis City Council won the first round of ranked choice voting by only 59 votes.”

Before the pandemic, Fonda started her Fire Drill Fridays marches and webcasts. She went to Washington and got arrested protesting the lack of action on climate change. Along the way she’s built a grassroots campaign that has targeted subjects like fossil fuel but also the inequality of race and financial status when it comes to pollution.

She says on her blog: “I’m posting about this because I want people to see that down ballot races are truly strategic when it comes to confronting the climate crisis. It’s state legislatures, city councils, county executives, mayors, and supervisors where the robust work on climate is taking place these days. Please remember this when you vote in 2024. And we must ALL vote. Voting for someone doesn’t mean you’re marrying them! It means making a pragmatic decision that will make a difference in how hard or easy your life will be. And let’s all remember this: IT’S BETTER TO TRY AND MOVE AN ALLY THAN TO BE BLOCKED BY A FASCIST.”

Fonda is also celebrating wins in Minneapolis, San Diego, and Pennsylvania.

Jane Fonda is the rare celebrity who has spent her whole life devoted to positive change, and to exposing corporate and government fraud. She is fearless. And what’s great is, time has proven her right on everything she’s campaigned for and against whether it was war, women’s rights, things like the South Dakota pipeline, or now, the most urgent shifts in the environment.

You can read her blog here.


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