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You’d think this wouldn’t be going anymore, but Tom Cruise is still Top Gun at Scientology, the religious cult.

This is despite three broken marriages, and a teenage child he refuses to see because she’s not in the cult.

But Tom showed up this weekend in the UK at the annual Scientology gala– in black tie, no less. The intrepid Tony Ortega has the whole story on his Substack blog.

“Dharma and Greg” actress Jenna Elfman was there with her husband, Bodhi. Bodhi is the nephew of composer Danny Elfman, currently accused in a lawsuit of sexual assault by one woman and accused by another.

Not seen at the Scientology fest was John Travolta, who’s lost two important women in his life, wife Kelly Preston and bff Kirstie Alley. They were each members of the cult and each succumbed to cancer. Travolta also lost his son, Jett, 16, in bizarre circumstances after the boy — who Travolta and Preston for years denied was autistic — fell and hit his head during a seizure.

Cruise — who won’t have a new movie until 2025 — is all in on Scientology despite books, documentaries, and exposes detailing the cruelty, greed, and mistreatment. Recently, Scientology member Danny Masterson was convicted of rape and sentenced to 30 years in jail after the group allegedly tried to cover up his crimes. Cruise doesn’t care, and neither do the other people who paid a lot of money no doubt for this party.

Cult leader David Miscavige was there, although protected enough, we assume, so as not to be served legal papers by former member Leah Remini. Not a guest: Shelly Miscavige, David’s wife, unseen for years and considered “missing” by Remini and many others.

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