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Taylor Swift’s presence at last night’s Jets-Kansas City game was a hit.

Extra viewers who tuned in to NBC for NFL Sundays totaled 20 million in overnight ratings. People who’d never seen or heard of football or the teams watched to get a glimpse of Swift.

She didn’t disappoint. After all, her concert movie opens a week from Thursday night. She’s promoting it and she’s very astute about marketing. She knows this will drive ticket sales even if her relationship with Travis Kelce is real (which I’ll bet it is, for now).

However, the total number of 20 million looks like it was down from the previous week’s Taylor pigskin performance by 4 million.

Unfortunately, the NBC announcers didn’t recognize or mention Swift’s friends who came with her– Ryan Reynolds, wife Blake Lively, and Hugh Jackman. So many times the announcers cut to the box and referred to them as “Taylor and friends.” Hilarious. Maybe if they’d mentioned that Deadpool and Wolverine were in the audience, too, ratings would have been even higher!

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