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Donald Trump is really rattled by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Before she even gets to Trump’s trial, James is suing Trump saying he over inflated his net value by $2.2 billion in order to get big loans at favorable rates.

Trump’s civil trial begins in October. James’s goal: to keep Trump him and his trio of adult children from running the Trump Organization, and to require him to pay a fine of around $250 million.

On Wednesday, James argued that a trial is not necessary to find that Trump et al inflated the value of their assets in company financial statements.
James says in a a court filing that Trump lied and said his net worth was more than it was by between $812 million and $2.2 billion each year over the course of a ten years.

Are we surprised that he’s lied about his net worth? No. In New York, we know the real story. And the reveal of that is what scares him — enough that he posted the below no less than three different times this morning on his social media.

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