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Let’s say Donald Trump is innocent of all charges in the DC case– inciting an insurrection at the nation’s Capitol. These are felony charges and they’re serious. Trump was told by the judge not to hop on social media and start attacking everyone involved.

On Friday. the Department of Justice — which would put a chill down the spine of any normal person who is in court with that office — obtained an order of protection against Trump which he has until Monday at 5pm to defend. And still he has posted the most inflammatory comments of all time on his social media, designed to get him some kind of contempt charge from the court. He’s not only going after Special Prosecutor Smith but also Judge Tanya Chutkan. That can only end badly!

That Trump calls anyone else “deranged” is laughable. He may wind up pleading mental illness, dementia, something because these are the Tweets (or whatever) of a sick man. I guess there’s always the chance he wants to go to jail now, to rile up his base, but even that seems like a conspiracy theory!

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