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Kanye West is back on Twitter.

Elton Musk has reinstated his account despite the rapper being an avowed antisemite and all around bad guy. I guess Musk thinks West’s outrageous posts will bring in eyes, and money, to the site.

He’s wrong,, of course. Once Kanye ramps up, more X users will flock to Threads and just leave in exasperation and horror.

But where were we when West was tossed off Twitter last December?

His final Tweet accused ex Kim Karadashian of cheating with someone, either NBA star Chris Paul or Paul Dalio, son of billionaire Ray Dalio. It was unclear. Maybe it was both of them. Who knows?

Here’s the story from months ago.

Since then, by the way, Kanye married someone, Kim broke up with Pete Davidson and was eyeing Tom Brady, and the world has moved on. With West’s businesses all gone, and his music career halted, what will he do next? Run as Robert Kennedy Jr’s vice president?

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