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The era of Donald Trump — criminal, liar, fabulist, cretin — is coming to an end.

On his Truth Social he responded to his second criminal indictment by having a nervous breakdown. Trump knows his legacy now is First ex-President to be federally indicted twice, also found guilty of sexual abuse in a civil case, and impeached twice by Congress. That’s how his obituary will read. Also, that he buried his ex wife on a golf course. And that he paid off a sex worker not to reveal their affair while his wife was pregnant with their child. And…

This post screams

5150 Involuntary Psych Hold. Trump goes after Richard Nixon, of all things. His frantic top of the head typing misspells words. He writes about himself in the third person.
This is not a world leader. This a sadly demented old man who is going to prison.

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