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The 2023 Cannes parties are taking shape, but movies may get in the way of one of them.

Saturday, May 20th is the date of Vanity Fair’s soiree far away in Cap d’Antibes, the first they’ve had in a while. But the 20th is also the night Cannes will really be for serious movies and the red carpet right down in the center of the action.

At 6pm, Martin Scorsese‘s three hour “Killers of the Flower Moon” will be unveiled at the Palais de Festivals. The red carpet will bring the director, plus Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio to the show, meaning 7pm is fungible at best.

Then at 10pm comes Todd Haynes‘s “May-December” starring Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman.

And then, exhausted famished stars will head up to the Hotel duCap in Antibes, on a winding, one lane road? By the time they get in there, the Eurotrash will have eaten all the canapes!

We’ll see how that works out.

Very smartly, however, the next night — when things cool down on the red carpet– the Amazonia Fund Alliance and Akbaraly Foundation will have its inaugural Better World Fund gala at the newly refurbished glamorous International Hotel Carlton, the centerpiece of the Croisette.

Amazônia Fund Alliance program co-founder and renowned organizer Thierry Klemeniuk, who is famous from running legendary Paris A list restaurant, Man Ray, tells me there will be a heavy UN presence .

“We will be celebrating our launch event, hosted by the Better World Fund.

“As of now, I can confirm the presence of various officials from Brazil such as Sonia Guajajara the Minister of indigenous peoples & Chief Mapu, renowned Spiritual Leader & Activist from Amazonia and Osmar Ribeiro de Almeida Júnior, the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Development and Social Assistance, Family and Fight against Hunger.”

So nice to see a big party that raises money for a good cause, instead of just idle hedonism.

Klemeniuk agrees. 

“Our goal is to help Indigenous people and the Rainforest they inhabit, through conservation and reforestation, hand in hand with very prominent non-profit environmental organizations in Brazil such as SPVS Mata Atlantica (https://www.spvs.org.br/), SOS Amazônia (https://sosamazonia.org.br/) and the Alok Institute (https://institutoalok.org/en/alok-institute/). 

He adds: “We have established direct contact with hundreds of indigenous villages through our partner Comtxae (https://www.comtxae.com/) and have started to work on several projects, notably providing pure & drinkable water to the indigenous people using Atmospheric Water Generators from Beyond Water (beyondwater.earth).”

For tickets, email tk@amazonialliancefund.org

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