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Roman Polanski is hated around the world for his encounter in 1977 with 13 year old Samantha Geimer in Hollywood. He was arrested for rape, spent time in jail, and then fled the US when the judge was about to renege on his release.

Forty five years later, Geimer and her husband, David, met with Polanski and his wife, Emmanuelle Seigner, in Paris. The two men interviewed each other for a French magazine cover in which Geimer and Seigner agreed that Polanski was not to blame for anything. Geimer has always maintained her support of Polanski.

While the Geimers were in Paris, David took a photo of his wife and Polanski. They are all smiles.

Geimer told the French magazine:

“Let me be very clear: what happened with Polanski was never a big problem for me. I didn’t even know it was illegal, that someone could be arrested for it. I was fine, I’m still fine. The fact that we’ve made this [a big deal] weighs on me terribly. To have to constantly repeat that it wasn’t a big deal, it’s a terrible burden.

“The extradition attempt, the fact that Roman was arrested like that, it was so unfair and so in opposition to justice,” Geimer also said in the Le Pointe interview. “Everyone should know by now that Roman has served his sentence. Which was… long, if you want my opinion. From my side, nobody wanted him to go to jail, but he did and it was enough. He paid his debt to society. There, end of story. He did everything that was asked of him until the situation went berserk he had no other choice but to flee. Anyone who thinks that he deserves to be in prison is wrong. It isn’t the case today and it wasn’t the case yesterday.”

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