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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was outed today by Pro Publica for palling around with a billionaire who treats him to vacations and other fun times.

It’s a good investigation except it omits a salient point: the benefator, Harlan Crow, is a member of the infamous Crow family of Texas. The late father was Trammel Crow, Sr,, once labelled the largest landlord in America. Trammel Sr. had volumes of soap opera scandals.

But even worse: just two weeks ago, Harlan’s brother, Trammel Jr, was sued in a human trafficking scandal. ProPublica kind of missed that point.

Here are the court documents.

Trammell Crow Jr. is accused by two women of financially supporting and participating in an alleged human-trafficking ring that victimized them over the course of 12 years.

True or not, this is the family that a Supreme Court Justice is hanging out with. No vetting was done when Thomas and wife Gini hooked up with the Crows. (They should have counting crows. Now they’re eating crow!)

The complaint asserts that a man named Richard Hubbard ran a human-trafficking operation allegedly “with the essential financial assistance and influence” of billionaire Crow.

Read the story here in the Dallas Express.

If that’s not enough Crow scandal, brother Robert– known as Bob — is in the middle of a $76 million divorce with loads of lurid details. According to Texas Monthly, his wife claims that Bob is a cocaine addict who has threatened to kill her and himself and that he spends thousands of dollars a week hiring expensive prostitutes from Alex Adams—also known as Madame Alex—who has been charged with pandering and pimping by the Los Angeles County district attorney.

The Thomases are sure in with the In Crowd!

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