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While Versace was having a pointless fashion show at one end of Hollywood last night, serious fashionistas gathered at TinselTown’s Neuehouse for something very special and moving: the Green Carpet Fashion Awards.

I had no idea how intense and important this event would be until I got there and encountered heavy hitters like Annie Lennox, Trudie Styler, Tom Ford, Jodie Turner Smith, Simu Liu, Heidi Klum, Alicia Silverstone, and so on. The Neuehouse was teeming with models and actors all festooned in sensationally beautiful outfits, not to mention more than a dozen young women brought in from all over the world who are working on projects to protect the environment save indigenous peoples.

The big surprise was Leonardo Di Caprio, who came and spoke eloquently and gave an award to Sonia Guadajara, Brazil’s minister for Indigenous Peoples. Leo’s dad, George, and step mother were beaming from the main table. George told me, “This is a huge triumph. Leo’s been locked in a debate with Bolsonaro [crazy ex president of Brazil] for years.”

Green Carpet Fashion Awards is the brain child of Livia Firth (now ex of actor Colin) who’s turned the organization into a triumph of her own. Among the other presenters and winners of awards were Tom Ford, who got his award from Trudie Styler (famed for the Rainforest Foundation), Alicia Silverstone, British Vogue editor Edward Enninful, Gucci Vault and Metaverse Ventures CEO, Robert Triefus, designer Gabriela Hearst.

Another welcome surprise: Jerry Hall and daughter Georgia May Jagger tag teamed to present an award to the Vivienne Westwood Foundation in memory of the great designer. Vivienne’s impressive granddaughter Cora Corre gave a grand speech that knocked out the intimate but influential audience.

Finally, none other than legendary singer Annie Lennox presented a group of a dozen young women from around the world who are climate activists working on issues with indigenous people. They’re called the GCFA Young Leaders, and I’ll tell you, they were inspiring and incredibly articulate. It gives you faith the world will go on despite all efforts to the contrary.

(On the red carpet, Cate Blanchett stopped by for a photo op before heading off to Oscar activities. She and Viola Davis were listed as co-hosts, but Davis was a no-show. Can’t do everything on Oscar weekend!)

Heard around the room: “Shang Chi” star Simu Liu promised me there would be a sequel to his hit Marvel movie. I hear Shang Chi is also appearing in two more Avengers movies for Marvel…Edward Enninful told me he will never be the editor of American Vogue. “I don’t want to live in New York, thank you,” he said. Too bad since his magazines are so good…I tried to scam some free Tom Ford sunglasses from the famed designer. How do I get a pair? I asked him half-seriously. His responseL go to the Tom Ford store!

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