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Rihanna likes the drama, that’s for sure.

She revealed the world that she is pregnant again tonight while performing the Super Bowl half time show. Her stomach was like a red yoga ball as she daringly sang from a platform floating over the stadium.

Rihanna gave birth to her first child nine months ago, in May 2022. The father of both babies is rapper A$AP Rocky. You could say she got pregnant ASAP after having the first one. Congratulations to all of them!

Rihanna’s show was completely solo and sung mostly live. She sounded great. She didn’t move around much and at one point she sat on some steps. By that time the world knew she was expecting. Wait til she shows this kid, years from now, what was going on while they were in utero.

Oh, the game? The Chiefs beat the Eagles. Great game. Both quarterbacks played like superstars, but in the end it was Patrick Mahomes, limping, who got it done. Paul McCartney was in a box. Rupert Murdoch and Elon Mask shared a both and compared all the nasty things they’ve done to people. The commercials were mostly top notch, although I could live without the Jesus ads (MLB take note), and the Downey detergent one was terrible.

Lots of celebs in the ads, though: Steve Martin, Ben Stiller, Bradley Cooper, JLo and Ben Affleck shilling for Dunkin’ Donuts. In one commercial I swear I spotted Michael O’Keefe. Where’s he been?

During the game there were alien invasions, and Megan Fox broke up with Machine Gun Kelly– and right after I met them twice! It’s not my fault!

Kenny Babyface Edmonds did a nice job with “God Bless America.” I didn’t mind Chris Stapleton on “The Star Spangled Banner, but I could live without it, too.

Martians, the Chinese — nothing can stop great American traditions!

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