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In 2021, ABC’s “General Hospital” fired long time actor Ingo Rademacher, who’d played good romantic lead Jasper Jackson on and off for 25 years.) The reason? He wouldn’t get a COVID vaccine. It was not widely known at the time that Rademacher, who’s Australian, had become virulently right wing over his two and a half decades in Hollywood. But his response to ABC — he sued them citing religious reasons, and the network countered back saying that was bogus — basically guaranteed that he’d never return to network soaps or maybe to all American TV.

On top of that, Rademacher began posting more right wing propaganda and aligned himself with off-the-rocker vaccine denouncer Robert Kennedy Jr. He also posted transphobic comments about a fellow actor, and about a US Admiral. So he was done with Hollywood.

Thought we were done with Rademacher? Well, no. I can exclusively report he is now in Florida with his family and promoting an April weekend at a “scenario training camp.” This is like pre-militia training for survivalists and doomsayers. And it’s for families, not just adults — meaning children. The Orlando area camp is called WOFT, which stands for “Where Our Families Train.” The opening photo on their website is of a child in a bullet proof vest.

Rademacher is inviting his fans to the camp on April 1st and 2nd. They will learn all methods of weaponizing including guns and knives. This is to protect themselves when the next, I don’t know — insurrection? — gets underway, against “us.”


Who owns this place? A guy called Phillip Toppino founded it in 2015 according to their website. He said he “obtained his concealed carry permit in 1998, but realized there was so much more to learn. He wanted to become the ultimate protector for his family which meant not only training himself, but providing a space for the family to train as well.”

The facility is not for the FBI or police training, this is for regular people who’ve lost their minds to learn — with their kids– how to handle firearms and other weapons and take on the “normal” community when the revolution comes. Cost is $3,000 for basic training.

What drove Rademacher to this? What catalyzes anyone to become part of a dangerous, fringe group? I wonder if anyone at ABC or “General Hospital” could have guessed this is what would happen when they cut him loose.

He writes on Instagram:

“Come join me and my family April 1st and 2nd @w.o.f.t for some incredible situational awareness and training. You can also do your concealed carry Certificate for Florida.” For real.


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, which

Here’s a picture of the WOFT shooting range

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