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I told you just over a year ago that “General Hospital actor Marcus Coloma was a hardcore Scientologist.

Since the pandemic started he’s missed a few shows here and there. There was some speculation last year that Coloma– who’s been on the show since 2019– might have a problem with the ABC Disney vaccine mandate.

Last week, Coloma abruptly wiped his social media and un-followed all his co-stars on the ABC soap. He was also out several days during November and had to be replaced by another actor.

Today, a soap site, Daytime Confidential, reports that Coloma was not only fired, but once he got the word he refused to film his final scenes. (I always wondered how that worked. I thought they had to complete the contract.)

Curiously, the first new Tweet on Coloma’s account was a retweet of Scientology actor chief Tom Cruise’s “daredevil “Mission Impossible” video posted a few days ago. Cruise thanks his fans for their support while skydiving from a helicopter. Is he reaching out to Cruise for help?

Scientology — which is largely a west coast phenom (you never heard of it on the east coast soaps or on Broadway) — has had a mixed reaction among soap casts. “Young and the Restless” actress Sharon Case has been a member for decades but never talks about it. Michelle Stafford, also on “Y&R” and a longtime cult member, had a brief stint on “General Hospital” that didn’t work out.

Coloma’s role will likely be recast, although walking out on the show won’t earn him any favors for future work.

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