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Paulina Porizkova has turned out to be the anti-Olivia Harrison. While Olivia has spent her life since George Harrison’s death building his legacy, Paulina has done nothing but trash the Cars’ Ric Ocasek since his demise.

Paulina has given dozens of interviews, in print and on TV, going over the events of her marriage and the last time she saw Ric, ad nauseum. He cut her out of his will, he said she’d abandoned him, she has no clue why? None whatsoever.

So now she has a book coming out on Tuesday. It’s called “No Filter” but it should be titled “Alternative Facts.” Paulina throws the Cars leader under the bus. She trashes him as much as she can but always does it lovingly. Poor Ric. He was a musical genius but obviously not smart about women (he was married three times and had six kids).

Detective Columbo would have fun with Paulina. Her story always changes just a bit. In the past she’s always said she went over to their town house, made Ric coffee and brought him cookies on the morning he was found dead. He’d just had surgery. He had no aide with him upstairs in the house, no buzzer or Life Alert. She says in the book she left him to go to a friend’s birthday.

OK: the friend was her boyfriend, a screenwriter she was living with. He is not named in the book. I’ve written about him before, but his name is easily Googled. Paulina has been pretending lately that he didn’t exist. Here’s a link to my past story.

In every retelling, there’s the coffee. In the book, the coffee is gone. There’s just a box of cookies. So this is what you bring a man who is gravely ill and recovering from surgery. And who, by the way, had cancer. She also neglects to say that.

It’s curious: she is and always has been only concerned about Ric’s will. His Last Will and Testament. The word “will” is in the book but online the word is not searchable on amazon. Very strange.

In the end, Paulina got what she wanted. She got the money. She probably got the rights to Ocasek’s songs. She sold her townhouse and got that money. She’s been posing naked wherever she can. Everyone grieves in their own way. Her way is without clothes. To put a twist on Ric’s song “Just What I Needed,” this book is not what we needed.

By the way, I guess this isn’t a full memoir, just a bashing of Ric Ocasek. There’s no mention of Paulina’s only movie of note, “Anna,” or her co-star Sally Kirkland. I guess that’s just as well.

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