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If a private plan with the registered letters LV-KEB belongs to FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried it’s causing a stir in flying circles.

The Gulfstream Jet has been tracked going back and forth from Nassau, the Bahamas to Argentina several times in the last 8 days.

Fans of flight tracking sites have picked up the activity.

Yesterday, Bankman-Fried declared bankruptcy for bitcoin operation FTX. He may have losses between $8 billion and $50 billion.;

One snarky commenter suggested Bankman-Fried might be taking in World Cup soccer games. If it is his plane, there are other suggestions that the disgraced investor is visiting hidden money, mining more bitcoin. He could also be on a high protein diet and only eating Argentinian steak.

One thing is for sure: The FTX logo will be coming off Major League Baseball uniforms next season. It was planted on all the umpires and everyone in a massive sponsorship last season.

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