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The NFL is selling out to Jesus.

According to reports, a $1 billion Christian foundation called Signatry is spending a fortune promoting Jesus on the Super Bowl next Friday. Signatry will be running thirty and sixty second commercials hyping Jesus, rebranding him and promoting him.

Many viewers may be dismayed by being hit over the head by ads for something they either have no interest in or may be offended by. I say, keep religion out of professional sports.

Earlier this year Signatry, which is headquartered in Kansas, announced a $100 media campaign to promote Jesus. The campaign is called “He Gets Me,” and will pitch conservative values to anyone dumb enough to listen.

But no one mentioned that Signatry aka The Servant Foundation, according to its Form 990 for 2021, has astonishing net assets of $975 million. Yes, you read that right. There is no delineation of where this money has come from.

Some of Signatry/Servant’s big donations in 2021 — from their total of $400 millon — included $48 million to one Christian group called Every Home for Christ and several in the $16-$20 million area. Yes, religion is a big, big business and now it’s funding the National Football League.

Of course, the only thing worse than this are the Scientology ads that run every year during the Super Bowl, pissing off all normal people who immediately complain on Twitter. Trust me, the NFL doesn’t care as long as the check clears.

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