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It may not be time yet to open the Champagne, but we’re making progress. Donald Trump is having a very, very bad week.

Today the January 6th committee voted unanimously to subpoena him. They want him right in front of them. He won’t come, but it’s a big gesture and they know it.

Also today, the Supreme Court ruled against his request to allow a special master to review classified government documents that were seized from his Florida residence during an FBI raid in August. Ouch!

Yesterday, a judge ruled that Trump must submit to a deposition in the defamation case filed against him by journalist E. Jean Carroll. She says he raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the mid 90s. The deposition will be next week. Trump won’t answer anything, but the humiliation is worth it I hope his young son and grandchildren get the message.

So we don’t have him in jail yet. But all this will make for quite a time on the campaign trail. How can his followers not see how all this is adding up?

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