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Oh, Mariah. She sounded great in her 16 minute show for Global Citizen last night in Central Park. But it was unclear if she knew where she was.

Like most Mariah appearances, this one was daffy. She complained about the lighting, there wasn’t enough on her. She asked for her Glam Squad to come out and fix her make up.

She didn’t seem to know why she was there, or what it was for, but I can’t blame her. She vaguely mentions “a charity.”

Funniest moments: Mariah plugging something about her old “Butterfly” album. Also, announcing “I used to work here!” Where? In Central Park. She did not explain.

Mariah has become the Gracie Allen of pop. (Kids, look it up.) That’s ok, it’s sort of refreshing. She’s like her cartoon character. Maybe more Jessica Rabbit than Gracie Allen. I love it when she asks if her kids are in the audience. Let me see, where DID I put them?

Strangely, Mariah did not include her two biggest hits, “Vision of Love” or “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” She’s saving them, I guess, for a better venue.

I didn’t watch anything else on Global Citizen. But you can see they spent a fortune on the sets, etc. Two stages! They typically spend around $4 million on this concert and send almost nothing to people in need of food or shelter. Their executives make a fortune. It’s all for a cause: them!

No sign of former Global Citizen enthusiasts Chris Martin or Hugh Jackman, even by video (at least I didn’t see them). I think they’ve figured it all out. (PS Jackman could have come over after “The Music Man” matinee.)

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