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If nothing else, Monica Lewinsky has good comic timing.

On Twitter she read a random question from a pedestrian account called @AMythicWitch. The question was “Tell us a true story from your life that sounds made up”

Lewinsky, from her verified account, wrote, simply: “Pass”

Indeed. Lewinsky’s true story has now haunted her for 25 years and will probably go on for another twenty five.

It’s likely that Lewinsky, like everyone else tonight was watching Serena Williams’ match at USTA Forest Hills. And there in stands was her old friend, Bill Clinton, chatting away with noted sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer. They were in a very animated conversation. You could hear the world at large howling with laughter.

And who retweeted Monica’s answer? Why Amanda Knox, of course, who was convicted of killing a man in Italy, saw the verdict overturned, and a movie made about it all with Matt Damon.

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