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This is to update my earlier story from last night.

Sources tell me no money was exchanged in the settlement of the class action law suit brought by fans who didn’t believe Michael Jackson sang the vocals on “the Cascio songs.”

These were songs recorded by Michael in the summer of 2007 at the home of his friends, the Cascios, in New Jersey. Eddie Cascio and his friend James Porte wrote and recorded the songs with Porte’s vocals. Then when Michael and his family came to visit the Cascios, Michael re-recorded the lead vocals.

A few ardent fans who resented the Cascios refused to believe Michael recorded the vocals, and sued the Estate. Vocal experts testified that it was Michael’s voice. Michael’s manager, Frank DiLeo, also believed it, and so did most of the inner circle. But the fans persisted, and poisoned the release of an album containing three of the songs.

Now the Estate has settled the lawsuit to get rid of it. I’m told no one money was paid to the fans. Their satisfaction was realized in having the three songs removed streaming services. It’s unclear if the songs can be removed from the existing CDs of “Michael.” Also, there are at least seven other recordings. I’m glad I heard them back in 2010, when I first announced their existence. For other Michael Jackson fans, their censoring is unfortunate. A few people who manipulated the system have denied the larger Jackson fan base to decide on their own.

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